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1.5% Commission Program for Sellers

Have you considered selling your home and using the profits to buy a new home or possibly cashing out on your equity while the market is so hot?

As a local real estate agent, I am offering to sell your home for only 1.5% Realtor Commission.  By cutting my fee in half I am able to help you maximize your profit and give you more flexibility in pricing.  During the last year with the 68 homes I have sold, my clients’ homes came under contract at the asking or above asking price in less than 27 days.  My client’s averaged a savings of $6.732!

Sales and property values are really rising. Home values have risen 6.8% just in the past year and market analysts predict another 3.3% rise within the next year!

I am available to answer your questions regarding property values and/or recent sales in your neighborhood.  Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and neighbors who might be interested in selling their home so they can also take advantage of my 1.5% Realtor Commission Program.



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